Spa Treatments

I got a massage by Sherry Chenault, she is the absolute best! If you’re on the fence, do it! She is a wonderful person and gives the most relaxing and best experience I have ever experienced.

Massage & Body Work

Swedish Massage
(60 minutes, 90 minutes)—Gliding strokes that vary from light to firm depending on the client’s needs. 
Westminster and Marriottsville salons

Deep Tissue Massage
(60 minutes, 90 minutes) Deeper pressure, sometimes using forearm or elbow to focus on softening knots and tension areas. 
Westminster and Marriottsville salons

Hot Stone Massage
(75 minutes) Smooth, warm basalt stones used to soften muscle tissue and encourage blood flow, creating an even more relaxing massage.
Westminster and Marriottsville salons

Pregnancy Massage
(60 minutes) Helping the mother-to-be relax in a side lying position by using a variety of soothing Swedish strokes.
Westminster and Marriottsville salons

Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy
(90 minutes) Barefoot massage technique using deeper gliding strokes over the body. 
Westminster salon only

(60 minutes) Applying pressure to reflex areas on the feet,  hands, and ears that correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body in order to promote healing, wellness, increase circulation, balance, and relieve stress. Typical sessions last about an hour and will consist of the client lying on a table or in a reclining chair with bare feet.  There will be an assessment of feet and hands for wounds or indication of injury.  Lotion or essential oils may be used.  Pressure will then be applied according to your comfort level. 
Westminster salon only

Body Scrubs
(60 minutes) 3 scrub options that will help exfoliate the body by gently removing dead skin cells, help detoxification, and increases blood flow to the skins surface.  Hot steam towels are used to remove product and body butter is applied.
Westminster and Eldersburg salons (except Feet Bar Therapy is Westminster only)


Botanical Waxing
Lip, Chin, Hairline/Cheek
Custom Eyebrow arching
French Bikini
Half Leg (includes knee)
Upper Leg w/ Bikini
Full Leg
Full Leg w/Bikini
Half Arm
Full Arm
Men’s Back or Chest


Westminster salon

Skincare & Makeup

Relaxation Facial
(90 minutes) Anti-aging facial designed to hydrate and firm skin.  Includes massage for hands, neck , shoulders, and a lifting toning facial massage. 
Westminster salon

Medi Facial
(60 minutes) Promotes repair, as well as, remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty.  Your end result is a healthier more lustrous skin.  Good for all skin types.  
Westminster salon only

Facial Infusion
(45 minutes) Corrective series of 6 facials; one per month)—a non-chemical peel delivering long term skin benefits, using the most potent form of  vitamin A to gently resurface the skin.  This unique formulation increases circulation, delivers nutrients deep in to the skin, boots immunity and stimulates collagen production.  Good for all skin types.
Westminster salon only

Medi Infusion
(90 minutes) Combination of medi facial and facial infusion for the ultimate in rejuvenation and relaxation.  Considered to be the most effective peeling treatment on the market, the Osmosis facial infusion boosts collagen production for 30 days following the treatment while rejuvenating all aspects of the skin. 
Westminster salon only

Skin Nutrition Boost
(30 minutes) Fast results facial that includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, mask and treatment serums.  Perfect when you feel your skin needs a little “pick me up.” 
Westminster salon only

Back in Balance Treatment
(60 minutes) Basically a facial for your back.  Perfect to clean and clear the skin in hard to reach places. 
Westminster salon only

Bioelements Professional Skin Care
Specifically created for the esthetician to allow you to “try it in the treatment room before you buy.”  It’s a hands-on opportunity for you to test drive some of our facial formulas.  Try from one of the four following abbreviated facial treatments:  Calming Facial Experience for sensitivity, Firming Facial Experience for loss of firmness, Surface Peel Facial Experience for lines, wrinkles and rough textured skin, or Detoxifying Facial Experience for dull, lackluster, and lifeless skin. 
Westminster salon only

Bioelements Custom Blend Facial Westminster salon
Fast Results Facial 
Add-ons, Peels, or Eye Treatments
Makeup Artistry Westminster and Marriottsville salons
Makeup consultations, lessons, and applications

Special events (travel fees may apply): Bridal makeup, Bridal previews, Bridesmaids, Prom, Homecoming, Portraits

Eye Lashes
Intensives Lash Tinting 
Intensives Brow Tinting
Westminster  salon only

Nova Lash Eyelash Extensions
Full Set
2-3-4 Week Fill
Westminster and Marriottsville salons

Spray Tanning

Westminster location only

Airbrush by a professional
VIP brand solution
10 minute application
10 minute dry time

Preparation for tanning application (before you arrive for your appointment)…

  • Shower
  • Exfoliate
  • No lotion
  • No make-up
  • No deodorant
  • No perfume

Post tanning care…

  • No water on skin  for at least 10 hours
  • No oil of any kind on the skin
  • No exfoliating
  • No chlorine/swimming for 7 days

100% Money Back Guarantee